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    No - button for Directv HR24 remote.


      So, as the subject says, there is no "-" button on the Android app for the Directv HR24 remote. There is a "." button, but it doesn't do anything. Do there is no way to punch in a channel number that includes a "-" on the Android phone slingplayer app.


      I called support and they duplicated the issue on their own Android phone. They did get it to work with the iPhone app, so it appears to just be a bug in the Android phone app. They said in order for it to get fixed I needed to post it here.

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          A little more info.

          Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.3 (stock, not rooted)

          Slingbox: Slingbox 500

          Video Source: Directv HR24 connected via component cables.

          SlingPlayer app: Slingplayer for Phone Android Version 2.7.1

          Issue: No way to punch in channel numbers that include a "-".


          Should be able to duplicate this 100% of the time. Support duplicated it when I called them. They also confirmed that it works on their iPhone app. So it's just a bug with the Android phone app.