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    Disconnects - Failed to Stream - New Linksys Router


      I "upgraded" my wi-fi system to a Lynksys-G broadband router and since the upgrade, I lose my internet connection to my oversea's sling box after about 20 minutes.  My previous router never gave me this problem.  I am living in Indonesia, and have not found a technician familiar with Slingbox.  Any suggestions on what the problem might be or how I might try to fix this?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello dhwelsh,


               I understand that you are having an issue with maintaining a stable connection to your Slingbox since you upgraded your router. Unfortunately, the information provided is not clear enough in order to give a straight answer. The main question is whether or not the new router is at the Slingbox location or your remote location.


               If the new router is at the Slingbox location, I would recommend a hard reset of the Slingbox as well as a fresh set up. Here is are some links with instructions on how to perform the hard reset as well as reconfigure the unit:



               If the new router is at your remote location, the issue may be due to a firewall setting on the router itself. You may want refer to your router's user manual for instructions on how to lower these settings.


          Hope this helps!



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