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    Roku or Apple TV?

    interinmente Newbie

      What is the difference between these two devices?

      I am using now the Apple TV to watch Slingplayer on my TV. Roku is a similar solution or has something... more ( or less?)

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          Roku requires a Slingplayer app installed on the Roku (free), then an icon appears on the Slingplayer app on your iPhone to throw the stream to the Roku, however I have been having a lot of issues with doing so (as have others), specifically the icon to throw the stream on my player kept disappearing causing me to either reboot the Roku, reset the wifi on my devices, restart my iPhone, etc. Now I can't get the icon appear on the iPhone at all, so essentially it is the same to me as if the Roku app didn't exist. I would stick with the AppleTV solution, or I've also used a Western Digital player that has the Slingplayer built in so it is a direct connection to your Slingbox, albeit there is a lot of latency when using it, but at least it works.