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    For Matt / Dana- Port change issue


      I use my SlingBox Solo in a place where port 5001 is blocked, so I switched it to 20 because I know that port was open.  There are other open ports I can use, I just picked that one.  Problem is that even though I can get mobile apps and SlingBox.com player working, the embedded player will not work with the port changed.  It does not seem to connect- it waits for an answer indefinitely.  I tested this by changing the port back to 5001 and I can use the embedded web page feature with no problem.  As soon as I change my slingbox solo back to a custom port, it breaks embedded player- but mobile and slingbox.com still work. 


      I opened a support case number (00841517) and the tech was unable to assist me further and pointed me in the direction of Matt or Dana and level 2 techs that would be better equipped to handle my issue. 


      It seems like this could be a simple fix- just need some back end coding adjusted to respect the port being changed from the default.  Please help!