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    Slingbox solo and Slingcatcher




      I appreciate that Slingcatcher support has discontinued. But I hope someone reading this can help me work out what's wrong. Is my Catcher fried or should it still be working?


      Here are the details.


      My (old) Mac running player is working


      My Netgear Neo is working


      My iPhone is working


      My PC running XP and the embedded (webpage) Slingplayer is working


      My PC on the local (Slingbox Solo network) running XP and legacy player is working


      My PC on the remote network running XP and legacy player and the Slingcatcher on remote network have both failed. Both recognise the Solo but fail to connect giving a 'Network error'


      I would consider getting hold of a replacement Catcher if it will work. I have replaced the PSU and fully rebooted. However it won't reinstall the firmware and is showing a green bar on the bottom third of the recovery screen. It does still boot using the exisiting and the screen looks normal on 1080i setting.


      So. Will a replacement (unused, boxed) Catcher work with my setup? Or are Catchers with Solos no longer compatible?




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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi garders,


          Thanks for using our forums. We are sorry to hear about your issues with the SlingCatcher. The SOLO and SlingCatcher are still compatible.  We no longer manufacture them, but you should still be able to find a replacement if you would like. With a replacement, you should be able to use it. Since it is no longer in development and we are limited on the troubleshooting we can do with it, you may want to look in to other options such as the WD TV, Netgear NeoTV, and the Sony Internet Player with Google TV.





          The Sling Moderation Team

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              Thanks for your reply, Katie.


              I also have the notorious dim network light so I'm going to try a new heavy duty PSU before completely replacing the Catcher.


              The Catcher is so much better than iPhone, Netgear Neo etc because of its dedicated remote control. For example The Netgear Neo is not only slower than a Catcher but also trying to navigate the menus with minimal buttons is so tedious.


              Thanks again for answering my Solo/Catcher compatibilty question.