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    Pro-HD Pulsating Sling Logo + Cannot connect


      Hello all,


      I have a pro-HD. Till last Tuesday all worked fine. I had to change the router (sitecom) for a faster one (linksys). After changing the router i did a hard reset of the slingbox to get the new router settings. All went normal but after completion of the reset, the power and network lights were steadily on but the sling logo was pulsating from bright to faint and from my computer i couldn't connect to the slingbox anymore. I have reverted back to the original sitecom router but no change on the logo light. Then I changed the power supply with a new one 5V/5A and had the capacitors changed according the guidlines in the forum but this also did not improve my situation.


      Again, power and and network are on and bright but the logo light keeps on dancing bright/faint.


      Plese help me

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC674552,


          Thanks for using the forms. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Slingbox after resetting it. After resetting the Slingbox, the logo will blink until the Slingbox has been set back up. You will need to go to setup.slingbox.com and follow the steps on the screen in order to complete the setup. You should then be able to view your Slingbox again.




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            OK, after some long nights and days of frustration, here is the deal......


            What turned out to be the case was that the TV decoder/modem had trouble with recognizing my new router in a router-to-router set-up. The Cable company owns the modem and standard configured it that a new (2nd) router is not automatically detected. I had to trick them in believing that I needed the new router because the wifi signal of their modem was very bad. Finally they enabled me to open some settings on the TV decoder/modem and make a port forwarding on my router whereafter I put the slingbox on a static IP with port 5001. this works fine now.


            I am not a network/router professional so i cannot give you all the details of this solution. Also the routers will be different for many others. When the helpdesk from the cable supplier helped me through the decoder/router settings, I could read the rest on this and my routers forum to make it all work.


            Good Luck!!