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    No video signal with 720p or higher but perfect on TV | Slingbox 350


      Hi guys,


      I recently got a Slingbox 350 for Christmas. I tried to hook it up with this HDMI to YPbPr Converter:

      Ligawo HDMI to VGA YPbPr Converter


      The Receiver is a Humax S HD 4, which is a modified Humax PR HD 3000 from Sky Germany. It was set to 1080i.

      During the Slingbox Setup I encountered the same screen as this guy in this thread: No video signal on 350


      In order to confirm that the HDMI to YPbPr converter was working, I disconnected the component cable from the Slingbox and connected it to my TV.

      The picture was perfect, no weird flickering, nothing.

      Then, I thought maybe this might be a resolution issue with the Slingbox; So I set my receiver to 720p.

      When I connected the Component cable to the Slingbox, it simply said, that there is no video signal. I reconnected my TV with the same component cable from the converter, and still: perfect and crisp picture.

      I tried resetting the Slingbox but nothing helped. I guessed it may work with 576p, and yes it did!!! With both my Slingbox connected via component (via the converter) and my TV. But of course, with this resolution, the picture quality is ******. This is not acceptable for me.


      It has to be an issue coming from the Slingbox since my TV, I also tried another TV via component, works perfectly with 720p and 1080i.


      In the other thread I read that this might be a HDCP issue, but how can that be the case if that depends on the resolution?


      I was so frustrated that I thought the Slingbox might be broken, so I returned it and got a new one. Same scenario!


      Does anybody have any idea?


      Thank you in advance!