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    My Slingbox does not connect properly


      When I first start my slingbox, the video is horizontal lines and bars, but i do receve audio.  If I start on my iPhone, I change the quality to Standard and it normally fixes the video.  I can then change back to Auto and it works.  If I start on my computer, first, and attempt to change the quality, it often doesn't correct the problem.  So I go back to my iPhone start the Slingbox, change the Quality, get a picture, and then can go back to my computer and restart and the picture is fine.  The problem only occurs on startup and the Quality option corrects.


      Any configuration suggestions?

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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Bfriends,

          What type of Slingbox and connection are you using? Component, HDMI? Also, have you tried resetting your Slingbox? If not, please do a reset and let me know if the issue persists.


          This article walks you through the reset process: How to reset your Slingbox to factory settings




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              I reset my sling box 500 and the problem still persists. I am connecting via component video.


              It is interesting in that if I connect with my iPhone first and switch to standard quality the picture appears. Then I can switch back to high quality and it works fine. And further interesting is that once I connect using the iPhone in this manner my computer access is also fine. But if I connect via computer first I cannot fix the problem, even if I switch quality to minimum.




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