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    Slingbox Tuner help


      Hi have a tuner and it appears as though I have it hooked up correctly; however, during the setup where it testes the remote.. it says I have one channel (channel 3) so when I change the channel it movies it from channel 3 to what I change it to. My television has to remain on channel 3 in order for the cable to come thru. How do I change this so that it changes the cable channel not the tv channel??

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          Hi  Joybradford,


          Thank you for posting to the forums! I understand you are having issue when changing the channel on the Slingbox and losing the video on your TV. I would be happy to help with that! The way in which you would fix this issue is actually with the initial hook up. If you currently have the TUNER in between the set top box (ie. VCR, Digital converter box) and the TV that is where the channel is changing. What you will want to do is place the TUNER before the set top box so that the Slingbox is not changing the channel that the TV needs to be on.


          Here are some articles that may help:



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