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    Roku Player XS 3100X - Slingplayer


      Hi, my smartphone samsung S3 (android) slingplayer app dont work with the roku player slingplayer app.



      1.open slingplayer app at my mobilphone

      2.open Roku Slingplayer app

      3.connectet to roku slingplayer


      4. don't show the TV programm


      but the mobilphone is connected with the roku box.


      where is the problem


      i use this app


        • Re: Roku Player XS 3100X - Slingplayer
          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hello taleung,


          I Have a few questions and things for you to check/verify to help assist you with this issue. I've included links to relative articles to help.


          • Has Internet Viewing been set up correctly? Check this article for more information on setting up Internet Viewing.
          • Have you been able to successfully connect remotely to your Slingbox using SlingPlayer for iPhone or SlingPlayer for Android Phones?
          • Does you have the latest version of SlingPlayer for iPhone or SlingPlayer for Android Phones installed?
          • Is the iPhone or Android phone on the same Wi-Fi network as the Roku streamer?
          • Are the overall system requirements met?
          • Is your Slingbox firmware up-to-date?
          • Can you sign in to your Sling Account?