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    Roku Player 3100X - Slinplayer


      Hi, my smartphone samsung S3 (android) slingplayer app dont work with the roku player slingplayer app.



      1.open slingplayer app at my mobilphone

      2.open Roku Slingplayer app

      3.connectet to roku slingplayer


      4. don't show the TV programm


      but the mobilphone is connected with the roku box.


      where is the problem


      i use this app


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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi talueng,


          Thanks for using our forms. Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Roku app and your app for your Android phone. To be sure we understand, does it just not show the TV show or do you not get the icon on the Android to stream the video on the Roku itself? Here are some steps to try to get the video to show up. Make sure that you are on the same wifi on both devices, launch the app on the Roku first, then launch the app on the Android phone. You should then see the icon to stream to the Roku. This should get the video to the TV. You can also check out this article below.





          The Sling Moderation Team