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    Slingbox Pro-HD to Roku not working


      I have a Slingbox Pro-HD and multiple Roku boxes throughout my house.  When I launch the Slingplayer on my iPhone 5S running iOS 7.0.4 and I connect to my Slingbox Pro-HD (which just upgraded to the latest Slingbox code) I see the icon to the right of the Airplay button to choose to either watch video on my iPhone or on Roku.  I choose Roku and get a pop up that says Switching to Roku.  After about 10 seconds I get a screen that says "You are currently watching TV with a Roku streaming player.  Tap the icon next to the volume bar to watch on your mobile device."  I also have the Slingplayer channel open on the Roku.  I just see a welcome welcome screen that talks about "Watch your TV anywhere with Slingbox and Roku...."  This screen does not change even though my iPhone says that I am connected to the Roku. 


      I have tried this on multiple Roku devices in my home all with the same outcome.  An interesting side note is that once I change the setting on my iPhone from iPhone to Roku, I can no longer use the previous (back) button on the Roku remote.  I can only use the home button to go back to the Roku home screen.  If I press the OK button on the remote, then I am directed to short video tutorial about Slingbox and Roku. 


      Does this channel just not work?  Is there any support for it? 


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          leanne.sling Newbie

          Hi  capucci,


          Thank you for posting to the forums! I understand you are having issues connecting the SlingPlayer app to the Roku and getting video to stream, I would be happy to help with that! I did see that you have multiple Roku devices in your home, when you connect on the SlingPlayer app and launch the connect to Roku icon you should see a list of all the Roku devices on that same network. The case may be that the phone is actually connecting to a Roku but just not the Roku that you were expecting. To answer the question regarding support the support period would be tied to when you purchased the phone app.


          Here is an article that may help:


          Hope this helps!

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          The Sling Moderation Team - Leanne