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    iPhone 5/5S and iPad mini HDMI TV out not in full screen


      I am opening a new thread for this issue because the original thread was marked as answered, even though the issue was never resolved.


      SlingPlayer app on iPhone 5/5s does not output full screen when using Apple's lightning digital AV (HDMI) adapter.  Instead as others have said, it shrinks down the screen (maintaining the same aspect ratio), but only using about 3/4 of the screen space (image is centered on the TV with black borders surrounding).  This is definitely not an issue with the TV aspect ratio, as all other HDMI inputs are working fine.


      I would really appreciate a reply to this issue.  I'm not sure if there's a better way to submit bug reports.

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          Just following up with some additional info.  It seems that when you open the app with the HDMI TV out already connected, it usually opens with the phone and TV screens mirrored and it comes in (mostly) full screen on the TV.  I say mostly because the HDMI out ordinarily uses about 90% of the screen space, to accomodate for oversampling (which seems crazy since which TV oversamples an HDMI input? but anways it's besides the point).  However,  this mirrored display seems to come in lower-resolution format.  As soon as I change the quality to HD, the screen reverts to only using 3/4 of the TV screen space, and the display is no longer mirrored on the iPhone.  Changing quality to HD does improve the clarity, but also reduces the screen size .  I know some apps are designed to work with TV out in full screen space. Some examples are HBO GO, Netflix and the default Videos app for playing movies from the iTunes store.


          I hope this additional information will help to reproduce and fix the issue with SlingPlayer for iPhone 5/5s.  I am happy to provide any more details or upload photos of the phone / TV displays if its helpful.

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              Hi Lowfi


              I am having the exact same problem. I bought an Apple Lightning Digital AV adapater so that I could use my iPad Mini with SlingPlayer on my big-screen TV. I've tried it with four different TVs and connecting to three different Slingboxes (I own two Solos and one Pro-HD). The same behaviour is seen on each. I can use other apps full-screen no problem.


              This is 100% a bug in the SlingPlayer app, Sling Media please hurry up and fix this, we paid a lot of money for these Apps and adapters!"

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              Seeing as this has STILL not been resolved, I started a new post about it.