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    Slingbox 350 and DirecTV C31-700


      I was able to successfully connect the slingbox 350 wirelessly using a netgear wireless bridge.

      I have a rather unique setup, I believe. I have a video matrix distribution amp.

      All devices get connected to this device and I can matrix any device to any television in the house (we have 4).

      So, TV 1 can be on Genie HR34 while TV2 can select that or any other device (c31-700, blueray, roku, etc.)

      As such, all devices are housed in a media cabinet and connected to the matrix distribution device.

      So here's my problem: when I'm connected to the C31-700 and use the slingbox remote interface, the C31 will not respond any selections. We want our slingbox to use that device. The HR34 responds to the remote app quite nicely. Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening?