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    Roku stuttering, lap top fine in HD


      This has been a conistent problem so far. With my Galaxy nexus and a Nexus 7 I have attempted to use the slingbox with my Roku but with the same consistent stuttering. Troubleshooting reps have responded on here (sling 350 forum) that it has to be my connection. However my laptop, the Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, and iPad ALL will play video with zero lag or stuttering. The only thing I can think of is that sometimes my laptop will revert out of HD to a lower resolution as will the other devices, but they never stutter. We have a DSL line, speedtest.net is showing about 1.5 mbps so close to 200 kilobytes per second at this moment. I get bittorrent speeds of up to 600 kilobytes per second sometimes but I understand its DSL and will vary with the time and bandwidth usage on the line. But even 200 kilobytes should be plenty fast no? I'm guessing my phone "hands off" the stream from the slingbox to the Roku, is there no on-the-fly mechanism to automatically lower or raise the resolution based on connection speed? This seems to be the problem to me.

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          Hi Dookert,

          Thanks for your interest in our forums. Sorry to hear you are having issues connecting to your Roku with a solid connection.  In order to get a solid connection, you would need at least 2 mbps both upload in the Slingbox location and download in the remote location speed. As for the connection from the Roku to the phone, the phone streams the connection and mirrors it to the Roku device.


          Hope this helps,

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              Thanks for the reply. this is copied from another response I made trying to find the problem but it sums up what I think the issue is and until the android app has the ability to do what my lap top can, I think I'm out of luck.


              T I think the problem is in the sling to roku software itself or within the android software for the app. On HD channels the android app, or roku channel, seems to lack the ability to downgrade the video signal from anything other than SQ or HQ quality, and so if my connection up here in NH drops just a little, I get stutter, where with my computer it can change the bitrate or whatever on the fly and thus there is no suttering,