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    Favorites behaving oddly in web player


      Having all kinds of trouble with the "favorite channels" feature on slingbox.com web player (using chrome).


      First, it's not clear how to add favorites. When clicked, the little heart-shaped button below the player screen turns blue and brings up a sideways-scrolling list of favorite channels. But there is no indication that this heart button is actually used for adding favorites. It merely shows my favorites, but there is no obvious way to add a channel. I think there should be one button for showing favorites and one for adding new ones, or something to that effect.


      I am not entirely sure how I ended up adding any favorites at all, but I did manage to get a few onto my favorites list. And now there's another problem. Random channels that I have never been to are appearing on the list. Just now I was trying to prune my list by deleting these random channels (clicking the 'X' that appears when hovering the sideways-scrolling list), and as I'm doing this, new ones are popping up!


      It is extremely frustrating that I cannot figure out how to add channels I DO want, while channels I have never heard of are adding themselves all the time.


      One last thing: When I bring up the pop-up program guide, where you can filter by 'All', 'HD', or 'Favorites', I often find that the 'Favorites' filter is unavailable, saying 'No Favorites' and remaining unclickable. It usually refreshes itself and becomes available as 'Favorites' after the slingplayer has been connected for several minutes, but this is still very inconvenient when I first turn on the player and want access to my channels.