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    Connect to TiVo Roamio




      I see here that Slingbox considers itself "Still the Best Way to Watch Your TiVo on the Road."  However, I have a TiVo Roamio, which only has an HDMI output, and am unclear what the recommended series of steps is to hook the devices together.


      Slingbox doesn't appear to support HDMI, and TiVo doesn't output component, so assuming the Slingbox is in fact the best way to watch my TiVo, what's the recommended way to put them together?




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          Compatible with roamio plus

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            I need to know this too!  If Slingbox says it's better than Roamio's own streaming player, then they better **** well give us proper instructions on how to connect it because as I see it now, there is no way to do it.  NEED HELP! 

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                I think that, ironically, you need to buy the version of the TiVo that already has built-in streaming capabilities in order to connect to a Slingbox.


                The Slingbox ad does show a number of reasons the Slingbox is more functional, although it omits the fact that the Roamio series also supports downloading (some) offline content, which the Slingbox does not.  I've had enough issues with the Slingbox losing connection that I'm not even sure any of these things are worthwile. 


                The fact that Slingbox considers itself a "check" in the cellular viewing department is laughable.  Well, unless by "check" they mean "after you spend and additional $15 for each version of the app you need, and overlook the numerous reports of instability, freezes, and dropped connections."  If that's what it means, then yeah. Check.