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    Roku Streaming in the car


      Hey Everyone, I have a bit of a unique situation here and I wanted to see what all is or could be done to resolve my issues between my iphone and roku in the car.


      Currently in my car I have a Roku 2 XS which is a perfect solution as it does not require LOS with the remote, and I have the slingplayer channel properly installed upon it.  I have a mobile router in my car as well and I am seeking a solution that will allow me to obtian a slingplayer stream on my phone and forward it over to my roku to allow my kids to watch their shows on the go.


      Now to get into the technical part:

      I have a mobile router in my car that my phone and roku link to to establish wifi connection.  On my iphone I have the wifi connection setup so that I provide the static address and I am not listing either a router or DNS on this connection.  This setup allows my iphone to be on the wifi, but it will still pull it's data from my LTE (note that I am not enabling a wifi hotspot on my phone as that costs a chuck each month which I would otherwise never use).  At this point my phone is technically connected to the wifi, but it does not actually give me the indicator that wifi is being used in the upper left hand corner of my screen.  Now this is where it gets goofy.  If I have my apple tv in the car, I can simply airplay the slingplayer stream and all works well exactly as I want (however the apple tv is not the device that I want in my car due to its inability to play local data off the USB and it's need for LOS as teh remote is IR).  When I have the roku hooked up to my wifi in the car, the slingplayer app will not display the button which allows me to send the stream to the roku itself.


      My guess here is that the slingplayer software has some kind of a wifi validation that I am not able to overcome as I am utilizing this sudo-wifi connection.  I am unsure if anyone has any ideas, but all I want to do is to be able to send the stream to my roku from my phone while on the road (and secretly I might want to watch a football game on the bigger screen myself once in a while ;-)  Overall it seems that airplay provides me what I am seeking if I leave my appletv in the car, but, as that is the only thing it can do for me over my roku, I can't justify leaving it in the car (nor can I easily switch between them as I'm driving down the road.)


      SLINGPLAYER DEVELOPERS: Is there any wifi validation that can be enhanced or removed to work in this instance when I am on a wifi network to talk to my roku but am receiving data from LTE?


      SLINGPLAYER USERS: Have you come up with any in car systems that you recommend in lieu of a Roku or appletv?  I'm open to all suggestions as there has to be a good system or setup for this out there somewhere.


      Thank you to anyone that can help me out on this... and yes I know that having cable in the car is a bit silly, I just hate that I seem to be so close to getting it and I can't get it running.

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          Zombie thread, but caught my attention anyway.


          The way I think you're describing it doesn't seem that you have WWAN on your mobile router.  The only WAN signal in the whole setup is on your iphone, correct??


          The way the Roku/Sling interaction works is that the wfi connection from you iphone to the roku is just used to initiate the stream.  The Roku then goes out to the internet directly (not through your phone).  If your mobile router has no WAN, then your Roku can't find the stream anywhere.


          The solutions would cost more money.  Either get a Mifi type device (with 4G) as your mobile router, or enable the mobile hotspot on your iPhone and eliminate the mobile router.  I can't vouch that either solution works, but it should in theory.