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    Streaming HQ video Issue


      Hello all,

            I need some help. I recently upgraded my internet and am now having a problem viewing video from my slingbox on my ipad in high quality.



      I have a Comtrend CT5374 DSL modem/router with an IP address of have turned off the wireless router portion of the modem/router as the modem router is attached to my ASUS RT-N56U wireless router with an IP of I have the slingbox going into the Comtrend modem/router via ethernet (sling link) as the slingbox is on the top floor of my residence.I believe I have opened port 5001 UDP & TCP on the Comtrend modem/router. I have attached the below image of the Comtrend settings.



      While streaming the video from the slingbox within my home network on my desktop (ethernet) or laptop (wireless), I am able to get HQ video running around 7000 kbps. While watching video on my Ipad 2 (ioS 6) and mini Ipad (ios 7), I am only streaming around 1500 kbps (getting only 2 green dots) and am not able to get HQ video on my ipad within my home network. I have set up internet viewing according to the Slingbox support site.


      Anyone have any ideas on how to get the ipad speeds up so I might be able to get HQ video on my ipads. Is there something I am doing worng. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please be as specific as possbile. I have diasbled the Comtrend modem/routers firewall.


      Thanks Eric


      I have the Slingbox Pro-HD

      I have DSL: 20 Mbps Download, 4 Mbps Upload.