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    Can't connect to slingbox pro hd


      After a few years of networking my slingbox via a slinglink my slinglink has gone dead. Probably due to the power outages from the ice storm. In any case I'm now trying to connect it via my wireless bridge but I can't connect to it. The network light on the slingbox is solid so I guess its getting a IP but no luck. I've tried resetting, pulling the plug and even changed my network ip's but no luck.


      My current setup is that the slingbox is connected to a D-link DAP-1522 bridge, which then connects to my Dlink-DIR-835 router wirelessly and then that connects into my modem comobo router Cisco DPC3825.


      The only difference that I can think of in this setup is that the slingbox now needs to go through a couple routers instead of just one because the cisco modem is also a router and has its own network address.


      Any ideas as to what the issue might be?