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    Cox Cisco 9865HDC - No Video Detected


      I moved and Cox upgraded me to a Cisco 9865HDC cablebox. I have an HDMI cable to the TV and component connections to the Pro-HD. I can connect to the Slingnbox with no problem, but all I get is a "No Video Detected error". I disconnected the HDMI to the TV but still got the same error.

      I can get video by disconnecting from the cablebox and plugging the coax cable (quality is terrible though and all I get are the analog channels) directly into the Pro-HD.

      I had no problems with the previous Motorola cablebox using the same setup and got great quality.

      Is the 9865HDC not supported? I don't see a remote for it either.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          If you are not getting a signal out of the component ouput from the 9865 even with the HDMI cable removed then it sounds like the box is broken, nothing to do with the Slingbox.    I assume you have tried plugging the component out from the 9865 direct to the TV to make sure where the problem lies ?