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    is there a player for google tv?


      is there a player for google tv?

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          callanish Apprentice

          There's a weblink app under spotlight for GoogleTV. My understanding is that those outside North America won't have this available but will have to bookmark the slingplayer link in Chrome which is what the slingplayer for GoogleTV uses to run the slingplayer (Flash). Incidently, if GoogleTV upgrades to Jellybean, we'll lose the slingplayer entirely which is what LG has done with its GoogleTV Hardware as Jellybean doesn't support flash through its Chrome Browser. In order to get the slingplayer working again in Google TV, Slingmedia will need to create another way to access the slingplayer. Based on how badly GoogleTV is doing on sales, I doubt if Sling will be committing to that anytime soon.


          To sum up the answer, yes Google TV has it, but for how long depends on what GoogleTV hardware you have and if the manufacturer is upgrading their hardware to Jellybean.