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    Slingbox 500 and device to connect to my tv


      I am looking at getting a Slingbox 500 along with an additional device to connect to my tv, one that would actually give me a remote control just as if I had the STB sitting in my home.  I was wanting to know if the remote would perform all the functions, menu, record, play, rewind, fast forward as the original remote that came with the STB?  I would be using Amino 540 STB connected to my slingbox 500 at a remote location and at my home I need to decide which device to hook directly to my tv, any suggestions would be appreciated before I spend some dollars and not have it function like I plan.  Main thing is getting a remote that will perform as many functions as possible with my STB.  Thank you!!!

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          The Slingbox 500 needs to be connected to your router, a cable box, and to your TV as well. The Slingbox 500 is capable of connecting to the router through your wireless network. This link below has all the product features:



          While connected to the Slingbox, you will receive a virtual remote that will have full control over the video source it is connected to. You can view the Slingbox on your TV by connecting your computer to your TV, or by using a connected device. These links below have all the supported connected devices.



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