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    Slingbox 500 no longer working


      Just upgraded to the latest firmware last night in the hopes it may have fixed this, but no luck.  I have the SlngPlayer app on my Android phone and it has worked in the past with no issues.  However, it is now showing it connecting and even starting, but I never get the video/audio on my phone.  If I look at the TV it's connected to, it tells me there is a remote user connected, so it appears the initial connection is working, but the return video isn't.


      I have a firewall in front of the Slingbox, but the same firewall has been there the entire time.  I have port TCP/5201 open on the outside and I have a static NAT pointing all incoming TCP/5201 to the private address of the Slingbox.  I can ping the Slingbox, so I know I have connectivity within my network.


      After having paid for the Slingbox, the player for my Android phone, and the player for my iPad, I'd now have to pay another $30 for support since it's outside the 1 year window, so I'm hoping someone else may have run into this here.


      Thanks in advance!!