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    No network light


      Hi All,


      Recently I haven't been able to use my Slingbox.  I noticed the network light was not on.  I assumed some sort of issue with my wireless bridge, but I hooked it directly to my router and still nothing.  Upon reset or unplug/replug, the light is on very briefly (less than a second), then no more activity.


      Any thoughts?

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          leanne.sling Newbie

          Hi ACC95926,


          Thank you for posting to the answers forums! I understand you are having issues connecting to the network, I'd be happy to help you with that.

          There are a few things that we would want to try to troubleshoot this issue.



          If you go through this article and are still unable to obtain a solid network light you may want to look into getting a new power supply. Which you can get from our website here: http://www.slingbox.com/go/buy-replacement-parts.


          Hope this Helps!


          Kind regards,

          Leanne - Sling Moderation Team.

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              I also have a Slingbox Pro HD and it wasn't until recently that the I have the same issues as the other person whom made this post.  I also used a wireless switch/bridge since I didn't have any Ethernet cabling in my room to my router.  I am technically inclined and based on recent behaviors of my slingbox I am suspecting it may be a power supply issue.  What's strange is the unit says I have power but is incredibly intermittent on the network connection even with moving it to a hardwired location.  Surprisingly, enough I was able to connect to it and use it for a few minutes before I could no longer connect to it nor reset it.


              So with thinking its a power supply issue I started researching places I can purchase the part.  However, I live in Canada and I have been trying to find a place where I can purchase replacement parts for my Slingbox from an official source such as directly from Slingbox.  However, it appears the store is based only in the United States.  I can find makeshift adapters from places like eBay, but I would rather a genuine Slingbox approved replacement part.


              Are you aware of any official Canadian source for getting genuine Slingbox replacement parts?  I don't always necessarily trust no-name replacement parts.  Also, I am long after the warranty period but for around $20 for the part I wouldn't mind giving it a try before I may have to opt for a new Slingbox.


              Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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                Yeah, I did a bit more research after I posted this and have pretty much concluded that I have a bad power supply.  Seems a little odd to me that it's such a common problem.  And seems to occur most often within the first two years.