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    Not getting HD quality on my IOS devices


      I have the Slingbox 350.  I use component connections and have it hard wired into a gig network switch.  My upload averages about 10mps.  My download at my second home averages about 25-30mps on my iPhone 5 (IOS6) and iPad (IOS7).  I use airplay to send the video to my 55 inch Vizio LED.


      The image quality only stays HD for a minute or two.  Then it gets significantly more grainy.  Then it buffers and bounces back and forth between HD and a low quality SD.  It often freezes.  This even happens if I am at home (on same LAN as slingbox) and trying to use my slingplayer.


      Do I have a defective unit?  How can I make the image quality better?  Can the 350 be exchanged?  I also streem Netflix, ESPN Go, and Amazon Prime from my Vizio HD TV.  The HD for these TV apps is perfect, so I know the download bandwidth is sufficient.


      Both locations are on Comcast.


      Please Help!


      Thank you!


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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey apkeenan,


          The HQ mode has been removed from the application for the Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 350. While in Auto mode, it will stream in HQ if the bandwidth you are using is capable. You can check your bit rate on your phone by going to Options and it will show in the bottom left hand corner.


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          Sling Media Moderation Team