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    Limited rate transfer


      I am not able to watch through my Slingbox Solo because the bit rate will not go higher than 56 kbps. Internet is working fine on both ends. In fact, if the transfer rate goes higher than 56, within a second it goes back and stays at 56 kbps. Any ideas?

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi vansant,


          Thanks for using the forums. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Slingbox. In order to view the Slingbox without issues, you will need to make sure you are using a supported browser and operating system and have the necessary speeds for both upload and download. You can also try to reset the Slingbox. For speeds, you will need 2.0 mbps both upload in the Slingbox location and download in the viewing location. The articles listed below should also help you further.






          The Sling Moderation Team

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            speedy22 Newbie

            I too have seen in the past couple of months or so my remote SOLO not getting anywhere near the 2400-3200 range that it used to get remotely.


            Internally connecting at home it still gets 4000-4400. This is using direcTV HD channels on component. I think I may have a dud of some sorts which would be a 1st for me. (1 tuner, 2AVs, 3solos and 1 Pro-HD).


            I have reset the slingbox, I have placed it's IP into DMZ, turned off UPNP (plug&play) ANDI have changed ports from 443 to 5(xxx);  ALL to no avail.


            I have tested to and from this location and I have narrowed it down to this particular Sling Solo box. It still gets only between 500-800 which is


            unsatisfactory. My last step to try is another SOLO in this location.


            Any help would also be apprecitated.

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              When I look inte the traffic on my router it seems as the video feed goes to different locations that aren't the one I'm at?! Is there some kind of proxy for the Slingbox traffic? I thought that the traffic whent directly from the Slingbox SOLO to my location?