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    The remote had no effect at all


      I am in the Middle East and my Slingbox 500 is in the United States, so needless to say when it doesn't work (about 98% of the time) it is extremely frustrating. I try to change channels but I am stuck on the same channel.  Pressing any of the buttons on the virtual remote has no affect.  I have tried entering a different channel in the lower right hand corner selection box and it has no affect.  I also tried selecting a channel from the user's guide, and once again, no affect.  My friends love their Slingbox and have never had this problem.  I've had my slingbox for about two months and after my son resets the box it normally works fine for about an hour then it gets stuck again.  At this point I'm about ready to have my son disconnet the Slingbox and forget the money I've wasted.  Can ANYONE help me?