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    Windows or Mac?  Configuration?


      I had an old SLingbox, but when I sold my US house, I quite using it.  Now, I just bought another home, so I will have US content.  I will have a tv, a Roku for Amazon Instant Videos, and some sort of cable/sat/broadcast.


      I want to be able to watch tv when I am overseas.  Previously, I had to watch on my laptop overseas.


      First, is any one of the SLingboxes particularly better or more trouble-free than the others?


      Second, which is better, the Windows 8 plaform or the Apple?  I have a MacBook Pro, an Apple TV,  and a Samsung Tablet.  I need a new phone, and I was thinking of an iPhone.  SInce I gather that you need some sort of tablet or phone to make this work, I can get a Windows Tablet, an iPad, an iPhone, or whatever works best with the Slingbox.


      My intention is to sling the content to my overseas location, then get it to my Apple TV or whatever so I can watch.


      Thanks for your assistance.