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    iPhone, iPad Do Not Work


      I have a Slingplayer Pro-HD, an iPhone 5S, and iPad Air and an iPad Mini Retina and none of it works. The iPhone informs me that it can't connect tto my Slingbox and to check my internet onnections (SlingPlayer for iPhone, latest version) and both iPads (using SlingPlayer for iPad, latest version) tell me that my Slingbox isnt supported and to visit slingbox.com for upgrading hardware (though the specs say that the Pro-HD IS supported on iPads).


      And on top of that, I tested SlingPlayer for WIndows 8 (using a Dell Venue 8 Pro) and it tells me, after logging into my Sling account, that I need to add a device to my account, and tells me to go to a link at Slingbox.com thst doesn't exist.


      For the record, browsers on both a Mac and WIndows (the afformentioned Dell Venue, in "desktop" mode) do work, so my Slingbox config is working.


      Four devices, all of them fail to work for one reason or another using the native client. The SlingPlayer clients are very poor and is absolutely unacceptable.