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    Unable to access Slingbox Pro HD.There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again.


      I am philippines trying to connect to my UK slingbox but keep getting the message " There was an error connecting to your slingbox.please try again." for over 1 week.  I have used the box with no problem before. A friend has reset the router and slingbox at my home and he successfuly accessed the box from my home computer.

      Although I get the Error message and am not able to view the systems shows Last successful connection as being the day before i.e. today it shows 05/01/2014.

      When my friend logged on and checked the system from my home he stated that he was unable to see the Logout which is usually alongside the log in e-mail, therefore could not Log out. Any reason as to why Logout does not show?

      I don't know if the above is the problem as I was unable to access the box Before he logged on to check it.Any assistance very much appreciated