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    How much data


      My hotel in France does not have internet service. I'm using a 3G card for access. I'm limited to 3GB per month. Is there any way to determine how much data I'm sending and how long it will take until I've burnt up all my bandwidth. Any suggestions on other methods of getting access in Northern France would be appreciated.

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          eferz Expert

          That depends on the Slingplayer client being used.


          Slingplayer Mobile employs a maximum threshold for streaming, so its relatively easy to determine how many hours will burn your bandwidth.  This post (https://community.sling.com/message/9071#9071) should reflect the information.


          If you're using Slingplayer Desktop or Web Slingplayer then that will depend the average bandwidth stream.  You can use the statistic information from the bottom-right of the client to determine the average consumption.  Then use simple math to determin how much is being used.  I put the equation is the aforementioned link for your reference.