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    Onscreen remote is the wrong one for my provider.


      Can anyone tell me how to change the onscreen remote so it matches up with the actual physical remote my cable provider gave me? I have Cox Digital Cable in Virginia. I went through all the proper onscreen steps online but the remote that keeps coming up is one for Comcast, which is totally different from Cox. My cable box is a Motorola DCT-3416 but have also tried option Cox DCT-3416 which also shows up on the search list. I have run through the set up process several times but to no avail. I continue to see an image of a Comcast remote control. Has anyone else experienced this or am I doing something wrong?

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          It will be a problem with the main Sling server, where remote controls are linked with remote images.   Even if you report it I suspect Sling won't do anything about it.   I recall from a few months back that Comcast insisted that the Motorola 3416 always show their Remote and Sling just rolled over and did it.


          Assuming you don't have a Slingbox 500 (where Sling have removed the functionality), I can probably help by buildlng a Custom Remote for you.   I would need a picture of the remote image you want.  Maybe by installing a different (non-working) Cox remote ?    In fact I see from doing a Forum search (I assume you did as well?) that the Cox DCT-6416 might work and give the right inage ?