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    Can't connect to my slingbox from mexico.


      I am in Mexico and my slingbox is in Louisiana.  I have always been able to connect with no problems.  The last few days however when I press the watch button, after about 2 minutes it says can't connect to slingbox.  I had my brother reset both the slingbox and the internet.  I then had him try to connect from his house ( in Louisiana) and he connected with no trouble.  I have already loaded the latest software from on my computer in mexico and signed out and in again multiple times.   I have also reset my internet connection.    ANY OTHER THOUGHTS?


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          I am in the state of Sonora and have no problems watcing with slingbox. 

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            Hi I am having a similar problem, I can not access my UK slingbox from the Philippines although it has worked on previous visits. I did the same as you in that I had a friend reset both the Slingbox and Router. This did not change the situation I then spoke to Slingbox Technican Help who logged into my account and found that the problem was a Port setting in my Router and they said they could talk my friend through changing the Port setting  if he called them when at my home computer andhad  accessed the Router settings.This has not happened as yet so I can not say that it sorted the problem but they are confident that it will. Hope this helps.