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    Solo "managing" my Netgear DGND3700 router


      I have the latest software on both the router and slingbox. Every time I put power on my Slingbox Solo within two minutes if I try to log into my router I get the message "192.168.0.x (varies depending on what address assigned to slingbox) is managing this device". The only way to get any access to the router is to disconnect the solo. I have disabled all the initial slingbox settings in the router (fixed IP, port forwarding, etc.) and have done a factory reset on the solo which makes no difference.


      The solo seems to be working fine, I can get all the way through the setup until I need to set the static IP and port forwarding, which of course I cant do as I cant log into the router... Biggest worry is the solo has been hacked.


      I have seen this issue noted lots of places on the web but none of them has an actual solution. Any help would be really appreciated????

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Turn off UPnP on the router and set your port forwarding manually?

          Solo "Managing" Netgear WNDR3400 Router - Need to make it stop


          Or this thread (especially the last post from RafaelB, who appears to have been a Sling representative at some point in the past) which talks about "You may need to manually access your router and open the port 5001 for the Slingbox":

          HD Slingbox is managing my Router and I can't log into my router


          I guess the two threads above imply to me:

          - The Slingbox is (legitimately) attempting to configure the Netgear router via UPnP to forward the necessary ports to allow Internet viewing of the Slingbox

          - The Slingbox isn't "finishing" the UPnP configuration request to the Netgear router's satisfaction


          If there are any outstanding firmware updates to your Netgear router you may want to apply them.  Whether the router or the Slingbox is technically at fault may never be known--you may wish to consider a different brand of router if this cannot be solved.


          Funny enough, the "MORE LIKE THIS" forum sidebar (to the right of this thread text) was incredibly accurate for this post.

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              Thanks for the time and your input. After I posted the question I continued to try a few things and it got more interesting:


              1. As suggested in another thread I disconnected the slingbox, logged back in the router (which I could now do) and changed the router password.

              2. Reconnected the slingbox and haven't had the issue since... seems strange but true.

              3. I had set the IP address as fixed (not 245) and registered it during the slingbox setup online

              4. I tried to set Port Forwarding manually, but the router keeps telling me that port 5001 is assigned to something else, however I have looked everywhere and cant find what owns it...

              5. In any case at the moment everything seems to be working fine. I havent tried true remote access yet, but using my phone and disabling wifi I get full access, which suggest full web access is working.


              All told this is a very strange issue, but appears to be linked to the way the Slingbox is accessing the router, either for uPnP setup or possibly someones hack. If it is the later I have to saw it doesnt seem of any value as I havent seen any impact for the year plus the problem has existed.


              I am still interested in trying to understand how and why the Slingbox would be "managing" the router? Very interesting that when I spoke to an engineer in Slingbox tech support a few weeks ago he said they had never heard of the problem and that it must be my router.... I did suggest he should look at the hudreds of open issues over the years describing the same problem.


              I wonder how many people have just given up on Slingbox as a result of the problem (I very nearly did), which is a real shame. Having worked in Corporate sales and marketing for the last 40 years I know just how easy it is to lose market credibility and not know until it is too late. Seems to me this is an issue Slingbox should have addressed a long time ago and come up with a clear and crisp response/solution.


              Thanks again for your input.