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    iPad Air downloading and viewing Sling Player


      I have SlingBox Pro and have the slingplayer on my iPhone working pretty good.


      I now have an iPad Air and wanted to download the Slingbox app to it. I did not end up downloading it, and here are two questions/comments I have.


      1. There was a charge for it, and I thought that once I had downloaded it on my iPhone, I would not have to pay for it again with the same account on another device. Is that true?


      2. There was a comment when viewing the app that said that becuase of the iPad Air screen, Slingboxes other then HD ones (I have the slingbox Pro connected with the red, white, and yello wires) will not work. How come they will not work? Is there anything planned for a fix to this in the future?




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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi RRSling,


          Thank you for using the answers forums. I can certainly understand your concerns about the application. As for purchasing the app, if you log in to the app store using the same email, you will be able to put the application on up to 10 iPhones or iPads. This is only true for the iPhone app, you wouldn't be able to put the iPad app on the iPhone. Since you purchased the iPhone app, you would need to put the iPhone app on the iPad or you will be charged for the iPad app. 


          As for viewing on the iPad with non HD boxes, it wouldn't be an issue of cabling. The applications were designed to work with the SOLO, PRO-HD, 350, and 500 so the PRO is not supported. This is probably what they were meaning. You can try to put the iPhone app on the iPad; it may work, but please keep in mind that this isn't supported for the PRO.


          Hope this helps,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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              Thanks for the response. I understnad what you are saying about Slingplayer app for iPhone used on other iPhones, and Slingplayer app for iPad used for other iPads.


              In the App Store on the iPad, there are no search results for "Slingplayer for iPone". How would I get the Slingplayer for iPhone to the iPad? Do I have to sync it with iTunes and then choose the Slingplayer for iPhone app?


              If I do manage to get the Slingplayer for iPhone on the iPad, how will the picture look?


              I am not sure what you mean by support for the Slingbox Pro, and it not being an issue of cabling. What difference does it make what Slingbox is used if it is just a signal coming across the air anyway? Why can't the app just handle any signal that comes across?


              The Slingbox 350 has an option for RCA cables (same red, yellow, and white that I am using on my Slingbox Pro) so what happens when they are used with the Slingplayer for iPad? Is it strictly a matter of the HD screen or is it actually something in the app?


              Thanks again.

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                  ferguspa Apprentice

                  SlingPlayer for iDevice support matrix: Which SlingPlayer software works with my Slingbox?  Note the Slingbox PRO is N/A (not available--won't work at all) for SlingPlayer for iPad and N/S (not supported--might work) for SlingPlayer for iPhone.


                  Strangely, you're correct it seems you can't search for or purchase SlingPlayer for iPhone in the App Store on an iPad (or else it's hidden because I already have SlingPlayer for iPhone on this iPad).  Try tapping this link on your iPad--it might work:




                  Otherwise you may be able to look at your previously purchased apps on the iPad or you may need to install SlingPlayer for iPhone on the iPad via iTunes (both methods noted in Can I use SlingPlayer for iPhone or iPod touch on the iPad?).


                  Regarding cabling questions for the 350, the better the incoming video quality (red/white/yellow composite being standard definition "composite" vs. red/white/red/green/blue being (likely) high definition "component") the better the stream quality.  This is true all the way back to the Slingbox AV and using S-Video versus yellow cable composite video.  The cabling does not affect which apps work with which Slingboxes.