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    Infra red vs. RF REMOTE


      I use a harmony remote with RF tech for devices in another room.


      Apparently Sling uses IR when a command is sent from the Remote in the APP.


      Any thoughts?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Not sure what question you are actually asking ?   Yes, the Slingbox uses IR, so what ?

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              My remote is a Logitech Harmony 890 with an extender to use devices, including my Slingbox and my TV media box in other rooms.


              That universal remote is set up to send commands to the various devices and it uses RF, which I suspect are being received in some way that transforms that signal.


              When I send a remote command from Sling App ... it is sending an IR signal that is simply not being received. I suspect that in setup, Sling actually set up my remote for the MOXI DVR Cable set top box and didn't recognize the add-on Harmony Remote.


              I dont want to give up on my current universal system.


              My questions are:


              Is there an easy way around this?


              Is there a RF-to-IR converter?


              Is there some simple device I can add?

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  OK that makes slightly more sense    But I don't understand why you think that would ever work ?


                  As I understand it the extender that you have simply takes the RF signal from the Harmony and converts it into an IR signal to send to the other devices.   I don't understand about the Slingbox (unless you are talking about a 350 or 500) as these cannot be controlled by an IR signal.   But if you do have a 350/500 then again, the extender will convert the RF signal from the 890, convert it to an iR signal and send it to the Slingbox.


                  Now, when you tap a button on the virtual remote on the Slingplayer it simply tells the Slingbox to send the correct IR signal to activate that function on your AV device, in your case I assume the Moxi DVR.


                  Why should it recognise the Harmony ?  That is a transmitting system, not a receiving system.


                  So in answer to your questions:


                  1.   No idea as I don't understand what you are trying to achieve.


                  2.  Yes, that is what the extender is doing.   So not sure how another would help.


                  3.  I suspect you are trying to beat the laws of physics


                  If you can give a much more comprehensive description of what you are trying to achive I might be able to give better answers.