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    Slingbox Pro HD set-up for watching different programs on TV and computer?


      The Slingbox Pro HD has a built in tuner, correct? Meaning that if I split the coax before the cable box, and run it to both the cable box and to my SB Pro HD that I should be able to watch some programming on my laptop without interfering with what is being watched on the TV?


      If this is true, I have a question about how to set it up. Right now the slingbox is working as it should, and I can watch the same programming that is being watched on my TV. However, when I am trying to set up the Coax input, its not finding a signal. Do you know what the issue could be here? What troubleshooting could I do to figure this out? Can someone possibly walk thru the steps of setting up the Slingbox for the function of being able to watch separate programming on my TV and computer? Thanks in advance!