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    Connecting Slingbox 350 IR output directly to IR input on FIOS box


      My setup may be a big unique, but I would appreciate any input from any knowledgeable folks around here.  I have two Verizon FIOS boxes in an electronics closet, with the signals sent around to various TVs in the house.  I have it set up so that there are IR extenders cut and spliced from each TV, using the ethernet cabling in the house, joined to a single IR input cable going into the back of the cable box.  I am trying to use one of these boxes as our Slingbox cable source, but I cannot get the Slingbox IT output to connect in any way yet to the IR input on the back of the cable box - instead of using the blaster. 


      Two problems with the Slingbox blaster in this context - 1) the signal is so strong that it changes the channel on all the boxes, and; 2) the cable box will not recognize input from both the IR sensor on the front AND the IR cable input on the back.  Does anyone know if there is a way to get the Slingbox to connect directly to the IR input on the cable box?


      I know that I can work around this problem by connecting all the inputs to separate IR emitters and arrayoing those in front of the IR sensor on the cable box, but that will be a lot less effective setup than what I currently have, if only I could get Slingbox integrated into the current setup.  With the IR emitters, I will have to isolate the target cable box from the other one, which I have found difficult in this confined space because the Slingbox IR emitter is so strong (which I know is usually a good feature!).

      Any help is much appreciated.