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    Help with SlingCatcher



      I live in Okinawa, Japan - bought SlingBox/Catcher through HabuTV and that representative has now moved to Thailand.

      I can't get our SlingCatcher to change channels.  There's always been two displays for log on: my last name (Connected) and my last name (Remote).  Though I've never understood what these are, both log on's have always worked.

      For the whole day, I have been unable to change channels.  It's stuck on ABC - which we don't watch so how on earth did it even get there?  It's like someone else has taken over control of it.  I have logged on and off, changed my password and logged on again to no avail.  I have also logged off the SlingBox and turned off Slingcatcher in order to try watching online, but it doesn't let me change channels here either.  I thought re-setting up my SlingAccount/Box would help - but it's asking me for an Admin password that I do not have.  I've check for updates - nothing new there either.

      Can any one help?  This is so frustrating!