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    Remote Issue Problem


      Good Day and Happy new year to all


      My remote was working fine using slingbox player. but in the last few days it doesn't work anymore.


      - I tested the IR control cable and it did not get loose

      - Position of the IR emitter did not change

      - I redid the Remote Control setup no change

      - Tested with the original satellite receiver remote and its working


      When I do the test or even after the remote control setup, whenever I press a key on the onscreenl remote
      the live stream lags a half a second... but nothing happens. If I press 4-5 times in a row. It will freeze for 4-5 secs.

      But nothing more.


      My receiver is a Dreamlink HD and im using the CoolSat4000pro setup to make it work.

      It was working until 2-3 days ago.


      On my other Slingbox, also connected to a Dreamlink HD... everything is working great!



      What could be the issue?