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    Network issues when quality in Slingplayer set to "Auto"


      I use slingbox to view tv in different rooms , so I have internet viewing disabled and yet I have netwrok issues when slingplayer is set to "Auto"


      Based on my troubleshooting, I feel that when the quality in slingplayer is set to Auto it will try to  optimize the streaming rate  and within one minute it reaches around 4 Mbps  and Slingbox solo starts having network problems and the network light starts blinking.


      If I change the quality setting to "Better" instead of "Auto" the streaming rate stays at 3 Mbps and there are no network issue. When I change the quality setting to "Best" I have the same issue once the rate reaches around 4 Mbps.


      I never had this issue in the past and this issue started only after I reset my device recently during when the firmware got updated.


      Note -

      1. I use a wired connection to do my tests

      2. I changed the router to which slingbox and the slingplayer are connected and I still have the issue.

      3. I also tried with different slingplayers and all have the same issue.

      3. When I replace slingbox solo with slingbox 500 there are no issues , even when I set the quality to "Auto" and I always get the "Best" streaming rate