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    Information for people using my Custom Remotes

    alanrichey42 Master

      Hi everyone


      Over the last few months I have produced well over 300 Custom Remotes for users on the Sling Community and now on this forum.  Many of you have come back to me and asked if you could use the nice Remote 'skin' that looked your original remote and I always insisted this was not possible and you had to use the basic 'Generic' Remote skin.


      Following some good work by 'BrandonC' here, it now appears I was wrong and in some circumstances you can use a proper 'skin'. 


      So I apologise for misleading people all this time.  In my defence, despite repeated requests to Sling I have never been given any information on how the remote system works and I have had to learn everything by trial and error.  I have to say I do feel rather let down over this, some people at Sling must have seen me continually giving out this incorrect information and did not have the decency to drop me a note in private to point out my error.


      From a technical viewpoint it is very simple, instead of using the '2010' code that I have adopted as my trademark code, you just have to use a specific code that is associated with the 'skin' you require.    For example, I have a USA Slingbox in the UK which does not support the Sky Satelitte system, so I have always had to use a Custom Remote using the Generic 'skin'.  After rebuilding the Custom Remote using S1175 instead of S2010 it now displays the proper Sky+ remote instead of the Generic Remote.  Looks great !!  (Please note that unfortunately you cannot just change the name of the BIN files I sent you, they have to be rebuilt with the Remotemaster software program).


      Now comes the bad news.  We have no idea how many specialist 'skins' Sling have produced and have no idea of the associated codes.  So far we have figured out only 6 codes that display a proper remote (Comcast-C0483, Dish Network-S1775, Sky-S0847, Sky+-S1175, Tivo-S1142 and Viasat-S1102).  In the absence of any advice from Sling I am again having to do it all by trial and error, and with well over 4000 codes to get through it could take weeks to figure it out.  So please be patient while I work on it and I will post back here when I know exactly what 'skins' are available.  I can then start to rebuild the appropriate Custom Remotes.


      Worth pointing out, of course, that it would take someone at Sling about 10 minutes to provide me with the information I need if they wish to help - I live in hope




      Al Richey