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    0kbps here / 2400kbps there


      I have a Slingbox Pro HD in Japan that I am connecting to from Denmark. It used to go up to about 2400kbps. About 1 week ago it completely dropped out for my laptop in Denmark. Sometimes I can connect to it, but with just 0 - 4 kbps, and very rarely I can connect to it at about 200kbps. It is the same no matter what browser I use or if I use the standalone player.

      However I can connect to it fine with the mobile player on my tablet even though it uses the same connection and router as my laptop.


      The really odd thing is that I can access the slingbox with the same laptop perfectly fine from my workplace also in Denmark.


      So is it then perhaps a router problem? Or an ISP problem? Can I solve the problem without having to reconfigure the Slingbox on the local network in Japan?


      I really hope someone could help point me in the right direction.

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          Had forgot to close this thread, after kind help from Slingbox support staff the problem has been resolved.


          Opened port 5001 on the router at the slingbox location, and now there is a constant stable HD stream. And it works perfectly across all devices, PC, Andorid and WDTV, and have been working for 2 months now without interruptions.


          So if you have similar trouble I recommend trying opening your ports!