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    Constant buffering on Ipad, even with fast data speeds.


      While im satisfied with the functionality of my new Slingbox 500 when connecting to a remote desktop or laptop, the ipad app continues to buffer repeatedly making television unwatchable.


      Few things to note: upload speed at slingbox location is greater than 5 mbps.  remote download speeds between 6-30 mbps (various locations, same result). ive used an Ipad Air and Ipad 4, both of which buffer (freeze) on a regular basis.  even set at Auto resolution, same problem.  runs fine on my macbook under same conditions from every location.


      In speaking with tech support, Ive been told to reinstall app, which hasnt resolved the problem.


      Im really hoping Slingbox addresses what seems to be a regular occurence if you read app reviews and message boards.  Im impressed with the Slingbox 500 to desktop and/or laptop but something needs to be done to better the ipad app fuctionality.