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    No video, audio only on slingbox 350


      I hooked up my slingbox 350 3 days ago.  Everything hooked up quickly and it worked immediately. 


      Today I went to show my son-in-law at his house how cool it worked.  I signed in and all we could do is hear audio.  It was on the same channel that I had left it  on so I know it was hooking up, but no video.  Just black. 


      When I came home I went out and verified that all cables were hooked up correctly.  Nothing changed there. 


      It is hooked up to our cable provider (Cox Cable, Phoenix) DVR (Scientific Atlantic Explorer 8240) cable box.  Our TV is hooked up to the box via HDMI cable.  I left that as is as instructed in the set up instructions and hooked up the 5 cables (3 video color coded, 2 audio color coded) out from the cable box to in to the sling box. 


      Again, I now it is hooked up correctly as it worked perfectly for two days.  Now all I hear is audio, no video, and the sling box tells me that it is receiving no video signal.