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    Iphone Sling having problems 3G


      My iphone has begunto have connection problems. It worked relatively well when installed but in the last month or so I have been having problems connecting. It's a **** shootif I can connect. I also have been having error messages where it will lose the ip address and then can't connect at all. Has anyone else been having similar problems?Is therea way to update the software?

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          eferz Expert

          When you setup the Slingbox for remote viewing, did you give it a static or reserved IP address?  If you're relying upon a standard DHCP IP assignment then its possible the lease on the address expired and was assigned a new one.  In that case, it is possible that your port forwarding rule wasn't up to date with the current configuraion.


          My other question, does the samething happen with the Slingplayer Desktop or Web Slingplayer from a remote location?

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