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    Stuttering, freezing, smooth, optimize, repeat.


      I'm having issues with my slingbox (or player). I have a singbox 350 located on Charter Communications (I think it's a 100 mbps down / 10 up plan) in Massachusetts. I'm viewing the slingbox from California on an Xfinity 50mbps down connection.


      My isssue is that the video (especially when in full screen) stutters, freezes, resets, then re-optimizes. It plays smoothly in about 2-3 minute chunks before repeating the whole process over again. This started recently (it was fine up until a couple weeks ago) and still streams smoothly on my android phone over the same router/cable modem.


      Here's a video of it happening - watch the scrolling text on the bottom and how it stutters then freezes. The audio (not captured) does the same thing.



      Thanks for the help.