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    SlingBox Integration With Apple TV


      I am new to the forum, howdy all!


      I am looking to become part of the sling family, and am looking to get my TV and Apple TV predominantly to my mobile.  Under a separate cover, I requested for support on my mobile.  For this discussion, I have seen some conflicting reports in my research regarding the usage of a SlingBox with Apple TV.  The info under Products shows that I need a SlingBox Pro-HD for use with Apple TV... but others have said they are able to get it to work with a SlingBox Solo.  Which one is it?  Are some features of the Apple TV not supported on Solo that is on the Pro?


      I am interested in seeing all of my cable TV channels, along with having access to all of my music from my Apple TV.  I don't buy movies, not into a lot of podcasts, etc. from the Apple TV -- I'd be looking to gain access to all of my music from the phone, though.


      Is this possible?

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          eferz Expert

          You can check compatibility with this little widget (http://www.slingbox.com/docs/IO/4839/DLW.swf)


          Here is the comparison between the two Slingboxes:

          Selecting the Right Slingbox is Easy


          Watch  and control live or recorded TV from any PC, Mac desktop or laptop  computer
          dot dot
          Watch  and control live or recorded TV from compatible mobile phones
          dot dot
          Connect  any Standard Definintion (SD) or High Definition (HD) television device  - cable/satellite set-top box, DVR, DVD player or Media Center
          dot dot
          Streams  Standard Definition
          dot dot
          Streams  High Definition
          Built-in  tuner avoids conflict with viewers at home
          Built-in  analog & HD digital (Clear QAM) cable tuner
          Built-in  analog & HD digital (ATSC) antenna tuner
          Connect  and control multiple audio / video sources
          Digital  audio inputs


          Now regarding mobile streaming, it is not considered a high definition  display.  The nice thing about both Slingbox models is that it will  adjust its transcoding output resolution based on the client that is  connected to it.  So, not only does it provide a good quality picture  but it also ensures a minimal bandwidth requirement.  Which is 150 Kbps  or higher for the Slingplayer Mobile.


          (tl;dr  "yes")