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    Unable to play cable channels unless .1 hd channel over coax


      I am having an issue for a while now where I can stream the over the air HD channels (i.e. 3.1 5.1 19.1 etc.) but not my regular cable channels (3,4,5,37,48, etc.).  I am running the latest firmware according to setup (although I wouldn’t mind reflashing the current version if that helps).  I am watching it on the slinbox.com and also on the windows installed version.  I have reset it to defaults (by holding onto reset for 10+ seconds until all the lights start flashing), and tried detailed and quick scan. The channels are found but the video and most of the time audio does not show for the normal cable channels. If I am watching a cable channel on the windows installed version the sound works but not video, on the web version, both audio and video does not show.  From a full reset I setup the SlingBox through the web client.  I am now trying to resetup the SlingBox through the old thick client (version 2.0).  A normal TV plugged directly in with the coax can get all the channels, but I can’t get them on the SlingBox. I can even have the cable go into the SlingBox, and out to the TV and the TV will get the channels and not the SlingBox.  Now to clarify the channels are identified just no video/audio.


      Does Matt or anyone else have any suggestions?